The Open Source Glass Cockpit Project

The OpenGC CVS Repository

The OpenGC CVS repository is currently down for repairs. Please see the front page for the latest news.

Prior to getting started, you'll need to install CVS, revision control software that allows many developers to work on the same code simultaneously. If you're on a linux or other unix machine, it's likely that CVS came with your distribution. Windows users should try WinCVS, which provides a nice front-end.

Please make sure you are comfortable with the idea behind CVS prior to attempting to use it. It can be a little awkward to get started, but most people I've worked with tend to like it once they're comfortable. Good documentation on CVS can be found here.

If you remember nothing else about CVS, always work inside your repository directory so that modifications will be correctly merged!!! Careless use of CVS won't cause permanent damage, but can be a serious inconvenience.

Server Setup

If you reach the point where you'd like write access to the repository, email damion at